Marc Romboy



January 4 - 9, 2021


5x 90mins Zoom Sessions + 30 min one-to-one mentoring (afterwards), only 329 EUR.

What you will learn:

  • Introduction and content overview and some philosophic notions
  • Studio tour including Marc´s synths, drum machines, speakers and effect-units
  • Brief theory excursion (Boosting creativity, Starting from scratch, creating an efficient studio jam)
  • Planning and treating your studio room
  • Choosing the right DAW and compiling your „tool box"
  • Hardware and software studio preparation
  • Analog vs. digital
  • Studio monitors vs. headphones or „You can just mix what you hear"
  • Creating unique melodies, basslines and drums
  • Arranging and dynamic mixing
  • Gaining new sounds with experimenting and jamming
  • Making lead bass and drum sounds exciting
  • Guide to track and remix production (exclusive insights into several track projects by Marc)
  • Finding the right label and sending your demo tracks with more success
  • What labels, publishers and distributors actually do and look for
  • Anatomy of contracts (licensing, publishing and booking agreements)
  • Your safe harbor is crucial
  • Optimize your profile in the socials
  • Tell your story with compiling your set list
  • Rehearse and keep your system stable
  • Creating authenticity on stage
  • Conceptualize an alternative live version of your track
  • Exclusive insights into Marc’s live set project
  • Exclusive chat with Marc where coaches you regarding any question you have

With 30 years of experience with running several labels, touring around the world and releasing more than 1.000 EPs, Marc Romboy is one of the most respected producers of electronic music. Now he invites you into his own studio rooms to share all his knowledge when it comes to be creative, produce, compose and market music, negotiate contracts and reaching the goal to be oneself as an artist.

Besides the 5 times 90min online seminar, Marc will meet you in a personal 30min one-to-one Zoom meeting to discuss your very personal questions and/or demo tracks so that you have all the tools to become a successful electronic artist.


Marc Romboy is an artist renowned within the electronic scene for his eclectic, boundary-pushing approach and decades worth of experience working both behind the scenes and behind the decks.

Growing up in the West of Germany close to the borders of both The Netherlands and Belgium, Marc was always instinctively drawn to music. He would attend the acid house parties prevalent in the area, with an epiphany of sorts on the dancefloor of Front club in Hamburg in 1987. An avid record collector, he would listen to Krautrock, breaks, Italo disco, Chicago house and more, and experienced some of the first all house and techno clubs in Europe; the legendary Roxy club in Amsterdam and Dorian Grey in Frankfurt. Learning to DJ, and later on produce, was a natural step.

He founded the ’Le Petit Prince’ imprint in 1993 as a platform for the music of friends he was playing out, which went on to be named Label Of The Year by various German electronic music publications the following year. Its reputation led Marc into collaborating with other DJs to manage their labels too.

Meanwhile, Marc went on to notch up an impressive discography of EPs, tracks and collaborations, carving his own sound; emotive, versatile, and featuring distinctive basslines.

2004 was a landmark year for the artist, with the beginning of his own, completely self-run label Systematic. Since It's birth, the label has provided a home for productions from the likes of Robert Hood, Kenny Larkin, Omar-S, Terrence Parker, Timo Maas, kINK and many more. It also provided the platform for Marc’s first album, ‘Gemini’ in 2005, followed by four further LPs; 2008’s ‘Contrast’, 2009’s ‘6 Monde’ with Stephan Bodzin (which birthed the pair’s now-legendary track ‘Atlas’), 2013’s ‘Taiyo’ with Ken Ishii, and 2014’s three-disc retrospective compilation ‘Shades’.

After many years of gigging across the world’s most respected clubs - from Watergate to Berghain, Womb Tokyo to Output New York, Rex Paris to Fabric London - in 2016 Marc decided to embark on a new and ambitious project.

After having been invited to collaborate on Debussy performances with the Dortmund Philharmonic Orchestra, Marc met and befriended their director, Miki Kekenj.

“I told him I’d like to collaborate on a project”, Marc remembers. Kekeni was interested in the idea but unsure of how to proceed. “I told him - we’ll do it like electronic music friends. I’ll record a demo and you can figure out if you can add something to it. Classical musicians are not accustomed to simply improvising. This was an inspiration for Miki.”

The result was ‘Voyage de la Planète’, Marc’s forward-thinking new album due for release on March the 17th on his newly launched label, Hyperharmonic. Pushing the boundaries between classical and electronic music, it makes for a moving , atmospheric outing for the producer - “I feel like there are still a couple of beautiful sounds to create”.

When will the seminars take place?
It will daily begin between January 4th and 8th, at 07:00 p.m. CET (01:00 p.m. EST & 10:00 a.m. PST).

Will the seminar take place by Zoom?
Yes, it will be done with Zoom. Joining the Zoom sessions will be easy. You will receive a link from us you just have to click on. You just need a computer and a stable internet connection.

Is this seminar rather for beginners or pros?
The content and philosophy of this workshop has been made for newbees AND professional artists. It´s more about the wholeness, the entire picture, the philosophy of how to be a professional electronic music artist.

May I record the sessions with Zoom?
Yes, you can record them in order to watch them again if you wish to. However the files may not be published online, they are just there for your own use.

In which language takes the master class place?
The sessions will all beheld in English. With regards to the one-to-one-mentoring-meeting with Marc you can chose between German and English.

Which Digital-Audio-Workstation (DAW) will be used by Marc?
Marc will work with Ableton Live 10.

Until when can I take the one-to-one-session?
This online meeting can happen right after the entire masterclass, until the end of 2021.

How can I pay?
Every usual way of payment is possible. You can use Apple Pay, Giropay, Credit card or Paypal.